Mission, Vision & Core Values


is to remove the suffering of people wherever they are


IICO mission includes :


Offering global and humanitarian help for the needy regardless of their race, or nationality.

Providing relief aids in cases of wars, natural disasters, epidemics, famines, and similar circumstances.


Providing the basics for the needy such as food, clothing, medicine, and shelter.


Assisting development and advancement of poor communities through helping them invest their human and financial resources in the most efficient ways so that they become self-sufficient.

Assisting in developing human resources of needy communities through eradicating illiteracy, education and training.

Working according to well designed plans, and a management system that is characterized by proper organization, clarity of responsibilities, and great flexibility.

Coordination and Cooperation with other local or international charitable organizations in humanitarian work of mutual interests. IICO was not founded to replace them but rather to complement their efforts.

Increasing understanding of voluntary practices through studying voluntarism and philanthropy in order to promote public awareness on voluntarism and attract volunteers to share in its noble activities.

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