Al-Alamiya February 2019, "343" Issue

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The Issue includes a number of topics, coverages and events, some of which have been translated into English.
The issue of February, in its editorial entitled “2019 Year of Achievement and Quality”, addressed the orientation of IICO to sharpen the motivation of its officials and staff in terms of thought, study, planning and follow-up. In light of considering this year as the year of great aspirations and hopes in order to continue the humanitarian endeavours proficiently and efficiently, address the imbalances and shortcomings, and expand partnerships and development of financial resources.
The Issue highlighted the humanitarian situation of the Syrian refugees and their suffering from the scourge of war, the severe climate, the devastating floods and heavy storms that overthrew their camps.
In this context, the Issue highlighted some of the relief aid provided by IICO and its volunteer teams to Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the appeal of the President of IICO to philanthropists for the relief of the affected flood victims.
The Issue highlighted the events of honouring the sponsors of the Partnership Conference, the supporters of its projects, selected volunteers and the former Director of Information, referring to the remarks of
Al-Matouq that charitable work is a product of the love of Kuwaiti people for charity.
The Issue also highlighted two rounds of Director General Eng. Bader Al-
and his deputy for projects Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa. Eng. Al-
has opened two Orphanages in Indonesia, visited a number of educational villages and met with parliamentary, political and humanitarian leaders, stressing that these villages are a pioneering model for human construction.
In another context, Al-Mutawa visited the
of Niger, met with a number of senior officials, inspected a number of projects, and confirmed that Niger students were studying either in hay classes or in the open! He stressed the need of the poor in Niger for health, development and education.
Al-Alamiya Issue has documented a number of events, including the memory of the late Amir “Jaber Al-Khair”, whose contributions will remain in memory, an awareness workshop entitled “Combating Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism” and a lecture on “Measuring charitable and voluntary trends and donating in the Arab Barometer: methodology, results, and future”.
The Issue involved also a number of articles for a number of activists and scholars:
Abdulrahman Al-Mutawa writes, “Employee's office, personal phone and office visits: Rules and Controls”.
Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi writes, “The 10 initiatives in the management of endowment work”.
Abd Al-Majid Al-
writes, “Charitable work and ill-gotten gains: Aims, universals and trends”.
Sheikh Ali Al-Kulaib writes, “About perfecting work, honesty, good manners, and fear of God”.
(At the end of the Magazine, you will find the English translation of some topics)